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29/07/2016 30/07/2016
MN Trigger 455.00 455.00
Demand (mscm)  
  Forecast Demand
189.1   (14:07)
184.3   (13:05)
  Seasonal Normal       Demand
Supply (mscm/d)  
  Forecast Flow
194.7   (14:00)
  Physical Flow
191.0   (14:00)
Linepack (mscm)  
334.4   (14:07)
Long Term Demand
System Entry Point Flow Data

Forecast Map Actual Map
Forecast Annual Peak Demand 465 mscm
Real Time Flow Data
ANS Messages
 10:28 29/07/2016 Storage Stock Level (GWh) SRS 0 MRS 12,409 LRS 13,722
 05:12 Reminder National Grid Gas Control Suite System Implementation is on Saturday 30th July Customers can understand impacts during cutover via the link below www2.nationalgrid.com/UK/Industry-information/Gas-transmission-operational-data/
Demand (mscm) 28/07/2016
  Actual Demand 196
  Seasonal Normal Demand 170
  Actual CWV
  CWV Seasonal Normal 16
Supply (mscm) 27/07/2016
   Beach including Norway 156
   LNG Imports 25
   Interconnectors 2
   Storage 4
Linepack (mscm) 29/07/2016
  Opening 329.4
EOD Export Physical Flows (mscm) 28/07/2016
   Bacton 36
   Moffat 7
Storage Stock Levels (GWh)       
Actual Storage Stock (GWh)       
Aggregate LNG Importation Stock (GWh)        
Price 28/07/2016
SAP SMP Buy SMP Sell 7 day Avg
p/kWh 1.1841 1.2220 1.1462 1.2368
p/thm 34.70 35.81 33.59 36.25
     All data presented on the MIPI and GMRS applications are in GB standard reference conditions. National Grid may receive data for the Interconnectors Bacton BBL and Bacton IUK (only) in EU reference condition units. However, these will be converted before being published. Conversion factors are provided in the "Help" menu on Prevailing View.