This API offers access to all published information by publication object data item. In general, 5 years of rolling historic data can be accessed for most publication object data items, however, some items may have less than 5 years of historic data if publishing was introduced within the last 5 years.

The request object accepts query parameters controlling the response.

Parameter Name Title Description
LatestFlag String When set to "Y" only return the latest values published per gas day, otherwise all data published will be returned. Expected values "Y" or "N".
ApplicableForFlag String When set to "Y" the supplied From and To restriction values are restricting the Applicable For date, when set to anything else they are applied to the Applicable At date time. Expected values "Y" or "N".
FromDate DateTime Date time to apply as the From value in Applicable restriction.
ToDate DateTime Date time to apply as the To value in Applicable restriction.
DateType String Controls whether date restriction applies to Gas day or Calendar day. When set to "GASDAY" then the timestamp for FromDate will be defaulted to the start of the gas Day and timestamp for ToDate will be defaulted to the end of the Gas Day. Expected values "NORMALDAY" or "GASDAY".
PublicationObjectNameList String Array List of publication object data item names. These values can be found by reading the published API data item list.

When executed all published values matching the query parameters are returned grouped by Publication Object Name with the following fields of data.

Field Name Description
ApplicableAt Date and time for which this data is applicable at.
ApplicableFor Date and time indicating the gas day for which this data is applicable for.
Value The data item value. Note this can be character or numeric, character values have a maximum length of 2000 characters.
GeneratedTimeStamp Date and time on which this data was generated.
QualityIndicator String value indicating any quality markers against the data. Expected values: "E" Expired, "A" Amended, "C" Corrected, "S" Substituted, "L" Late Received.
Substituted String value indicating the dat has been substituted. Expected values: "Y" Yes, "N" No
CreateDate Date and time on which this data was published.

This API imposes a limit on the amount of data that can be requested. If the number of days in the requested date range multiplied by the number of publication object data items in the request exceeds 3600 then an error response will be returned.

National Gas Transmission proactively monitors the use of this API. If you are deemed to be accessing the website at a level that we believe to be unnecessary given the current rate at which the data on the website is refreshed, we will ask you to reconsider your API script. This is to ensure that operational and commercial gas data items continue to be available to all gas community members and other interested parties in a consistent, timely and accurate manner.

Web Service: PublicWebService

Target Namespace:
WSDL Location:

Port PublicWebServiceSoap Port typeSource code

Transport protocol:
  1. GetPublicationDataWMDetailSource code

Port PublicWebServiceSoap12 Port typeSource code

Transport protocol:
  1. GetPublicationDataWMDetailSource code


    Port type PublicWebServiceSoap Source code

    1. GetPublicationDataWM
      This webmethod provides the publication data
      Operation type:
      Request-response. The endpoint receives a message, and sends a correlated message.
      SOAP action:
      GetPublicationDataWMSoapIn (soap:body, use = literal)Source code
      parameters type GetPublicationDataWM
      • reqObject - optional; type CLSRequestObject
        • LatestFlag - optional; type string
        • ApplicableForFlag - optional; type string
        • ToDate type dateTime
        • FromDate type dateTime
        • DateType - optional; type string
        • PublicationObjectNameList - type ArrayOfString
          • string - unbounded, nillable; type string
      GetPublicationDataWMSoapOut (soap:body, use = literal)Source code
      parameters type GetPublicationDataWMResponse
      • GetPublicationDataWMResult - optional; type ArrayOfCLSMIPIPublicationObjectBE
        • CLSMIPIPublicationObjectBE - optional, unbounded, nillable; type CLSMIPIPublicationObjectBE
          • PublicationObjectName - optional; type string
          • PublicationObjectData - optional; type ArrayOfCLSPublicationObjectDataBE
            • CLSPublicationObjectDataBE - optional, unbounded, nillable; type CLSPublicationObjectDataBE
              • ApplicableAt type dateTime
              • ApplicableFor type dateTime
              • Value - optional; type string
              • GeneratedTimeStamp type dateTime
              • QualityIndicator - optional; type string
              • Substituted - optional; type string
              • CreatedDate type dateTime

WSDL source code

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<wsdl:definitions targetNamespace=""
<s:schema elementFormDefault="qualified" targetNamespace=""> </s:schema>